My passions to bake and cook started when I was young with both of my grandmas. They taught me how to measure flour correctly, keep the counter clean and most importantly how to cook. The earliest dishes I made were pumpkin pie, rhubarb crisp, pop cake, cookies, and chicken salad. I continued to cook with my grandmas and my mom as much as I could throughout my childhood. At my first job, Dairy Queen, sprinkles became my favorite topping to add to everything. Cooking became a serious hobby when I was forced to use what little food I had in the cupboard at college to make different meals. I realized there were many different combinations you can make.

Currently, I teach 6th grade Language Arts and coach a 6th grade Volleyball club team during the winter season. I am also a runner, reader, writer, traveler, craft maker, volleyball player, girlfriend, and blogger. I love to stay active and busy. My form of relaxation is cooking. I continue to be inspired every day by God, my family, and my wonderful boyfriend. These are the reasons I push for my dreams and do everything I can to achieve greatness.

My goal is to inspire others with new and improved healthier recipes that will satisfy their cravings. I hope to encourage people to try new foods and expand their taste buds. My mom always said, “Even though you don’t like tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms now, taste buds change over time so one day you might like them.” My mom was right. Trying new foods or a food for a second or third time opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for recipes.


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