Strawberry Pop (Jello) Cake

Compliments of my Grandma 🙂 This cake has been a tradition to make for birthdays in my family ever since we were young. The cake was originally made with strawberry pop but over the past ten years we have used strawberry jello instead. Even though strawberry is probably the most popular flavor, you can use any kind of jello flavor desired. I have tried lime and raspberry and both were very delicious.



  • White box cake mix  (I used a homemade white cake instead of a box mix once but it was not  as light as the box cakes are. If you have a lighter white cake homemade recipe, feel free to use it)
  • Strawberry jello
  • 1 ½ cps boiling water
  • Small container cool whip
  • Instant vanilla pudding mix small pkg


  1. Make the cake as directed on the box
  2. As the cake is cooking, boil water and add to jello mix then cool to room temperature
  3. Make the vanilla pudding as directed on box-mixing with cold milk until it thickens and then put in the refrigerator
  4. Once cake is done and cools for 3 minutes, poke holes all over the cake with a small circular utensil such as a chopstick
  5. Once jello is cooled to room temperature completely, pour jello into the holes covering the cake
  6. Fold the cool whip into the vanilla pudding and frost cake once the cake is cooled completely
  7. Refrigerate the cake






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